Choose a WORD that speaks to you. 

Wear the bracelet to express what you are feeling or as a reminder of what you need at this moment.

Plant the seeded card. 

watch wildflowers grow as you grow into the  best version of yourself.

THIANNA is the acronym for the affirmation 

Think Happy Inspire AwesomeNess No excuses Achieve

The THIANNA bracelet was created out of our love for gemstones and all things inspirational. It is handcrafted and combines the energy of gemstones with that of an inspirational word. Choose a word that resonates with you. Wear the bracelet to remind yourself you are beautiful, you are protected, you are a warrior and so much more. Each bracelet also comes with a seeded card to remind you of the THIANNA mantra. Plant the seeded card in a container where it can be seen daily. Watch wildflowers grow as you grow into the best version of yourself! 

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